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AC Pressure Pipes & Couplings

Neelachal Natural Resources Pvt. Ltd, a UAL Group company is engaged in the manufacture of A.C. Pressure Pipes and Couplings, under the brand name ‘Neelachal’,  which are used extensively in drinking water supply, irrigation and sewer lines.

Manufactured using the highly efficient Magnani process with the most advanced state of the art manufacturing equipment, the process not just monitors but also regulates the pressure applied during manufacturing. Our Asbestos Cement Pressure Pipes are ISO 9001 certified and manufactured in accordance with Indian Standard (IS) specification 1592 :2003. Strengthening the entire proceedings is a detailed and stringent testing process carried out at the extensive testing facilities of the Company.

Our main users are Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Department of Minor Irrigation of State Government, municipal bodies and village panchayats. Our pipes are also used for domestic and industrial purposes.

Inherently, A.C. Pressure Pipes have great physical advantages over others. Some of them are :-

  • Asbestos is stronger than steel and its thermal coefficient matches with cement. It provides a homogenous, microscopic, three dimensional reinforcement in AC. Thus, it can withstand more than 15 times the water pressure than a concrete pipe of similar thickness.
  • Has a durability of about 100 years & gains strength with age !
  • The safety factor increases unlike in alternatives where it reduces.
  • Lower initial costs and longer life means cost per year is 1/4th to 1/10th of its alternatives.
  • Is robust, leading to low storage costs.
  • Able to withstand the transverse stress arising out of internal pressure, including water hammer (pressure surge).
  • Has high flexural stress i.e. high crushing strength. Hence, can be safely used under heavy external loads and heavy traffic. It can withstand back pressures even when the pipe is under vacuum.
  • Its low co – efficient of expansion helps to counter the expansion and contraction arising out of the variations in temperature of the water it carries; also the unbalanced pressure produced due to bends, and closures including gates.
  • It is corrosion free – both chemically and electrolytically.
  • Friction loss is low and high carrying capacity is permanently maintained, as the pipes are not subject to encrustation or tuberculation. C value = 150. Hence, there is considerable savings in power and cost of pumping, compared to most other pipes.
  • It has low thermal conductivity / excellent insulation as a result, water conveyed by these pipes remains cool even when the ambient temperature is high.
  • These pipes are comparatively light and easy to handle and transport.
  • Jointing is easy & the joints have flexibility (upto 10 degrees in AC Couplings) to obtain a satisfactory joint (unlike most alternatives).
  • Easy & inexpensive to cut and tap and to use & maintain. (Often known as permanent & maintenance free pipes )
  • Are heat & fire resistance
  • Can withstand chlorine treated drinking water without  tuberculation / erosion
  • Excellent for intermittent water supply where corrosion, tuberculation & erosion problems are acute
  • Excellent for tropical countries