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Production Process

PRIMUS INTER PARES – First among equals

(Excellence in production process – A superior product.)

The impeccable range of “Neelachal” Fibre Cement Sheets (as per IS 1592: 2003), are manufactured from improved variety of portland cement, select grades of imported fibre and water. A homogeneous mixture of the raw materials and the proven and highly efficient Magnani process is used for manufacture.

Grades of  fibre are finely milled and then carefully blended in a kollergang after which the other steps of the manufacturing process follow in a regular ordered and closely controlled pattern.

Advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is used to monitor and regulate the pressure applied during manufacture of this superior quality product. This is very important because close monitoring ensures that requisite dimensions, compactness and strength is achieved.

Special precautions are taken to ensure that these quality pipes are perfectly circular and have a smooth bore.

The pipes are curved for 2 to 5 weeks in water and then trimmed to exact lengths.

Finally, to maintain an edge over competitors a detailed and stringent testing of the pipes is carried out at the extensive testing facilities of the Company.

100% Hydraulic testing is done twice the working pressure.

The tests carried out at the zero-defect performance of Neelachal A.C. Pressure Pipes (as per IS 1592 : 2003) are :

1. Hydraulic Pressure Tightness Test
2. Hydraulic Bursting Test
3. Transverse Crushing Test
4. Longitudinal Bending Test
5. Straightness Test