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Uses and Utilities

Neelachal A.C. Pressure Pipes find extensive use in water supply and sewer lines. Various government and civic bodies like Public Health Engineering and Dept. of Minor Irrigation of all State Governments, Municipal Bodies, Village Panchayats and also the domestic and industrial user will be benefited by using this top of the line product of Neelachal Natural Resource Pvt. Ltd.

The singular advantages of Neelachal A.C. Pressure Pipes are –

  • Only select grades of imported asbestos fibre are used. An improved variety of portland cement is used in the manufacturing process.
  • A scientifically superior process of transferring the asbestos cement layer is applied to achieve maximum benefit from the asbestos cement mixture.
  • To guarantee the customer a perfect, flawless product with a very smooth inner surface and a very low co-efficient of friction, only specially polished steel mandrels are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Sophisticated state of art monitoring equipment are installed in the factory for controlling of pressure during manufacture so that the product is perfect and saves the consumer from myriad hassles of an inferior quality product.
  • Advanced technology is used to guarantee perfect circularity and smooth bore of Neelachal A.C. Pressure Pipes which translates to a smile on the consumer’s face.
  • Rigorous hydraulic testing and other stringent quality control measures are used to guarantee this legendary quality of Neelachal A.C. Pressure Pipes.
  • Last but not the least, a highly efficient and technically trained manpower and a visionary management team give Neelachal A.C. Pressure Pipes that extra edge over other players in this field.

Customer driven to the core, the Company has a highly experienced panel of specialists (technocrats) to help out the customer from the stage of designing and laying to any after sales problem in case of such an eventuality. This express attention provided to service both pre and after – sales, gives  Neelachal that much essential  edge over its competitors.