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Block Jointing Mortar Features

Product standardThere is no specific Indian standard for thin bed mortar suitable for AAC, our product however, is specially formulated and tested to be in compliance with ASTM C1660 - 09 and gives the consumer a product based on highest research standards.
Fast Construction and Higher ProductivityKON_CRETE MORTAR'S setting time is so tuned that it allows uninterrupted faster block mounting which is not possible by the conventional / ordinary mortars.
Water SavingsAs the K0N_CRETE MORTAR mix is modified with suitable polymer there is no need for any external water curing which will save critical resource of water and curing time.
No Wall Height ConstraintRapid adhesion properties of KON_CRETE MORTAR and flatness minimizes any restriction on the height of walls that can be built in a day.
Minimizes Shrinkage and SeepageK0N_CRETE MORTAR is a thin bed, polymer rich formulation which enhance its resilience property that ensures very negligible shrinkage and water ingress.
Improved WorkabilitySpecial additives are used keeping in view of maintaining its good work ability and correction time, if any
Less Storage SpaceKON_CRETE MORTAR is a ready to mix product, thereby eliminating need for bulk storage of sand, cement etc.
Cost EffectiveKOIM_CRETE MORTAR is applied in less thickness having superior coverage and thereby reducing in wastage due to superior pot life and no need for water curing.
High Bonding
(Tensile Spitting Strength)
Optimally polymerized KON_CRETE MORTAR provides the additional chemical bonding apart from the improved mechanical sand-cement bonding due to hydration retainer compounds which ensures a solid robust wall with long lasting durability. This strength is achieved with very thin thickness of 2mm.
Construction AccuracyDue to measured application in thin bed, the wall construction is accurate.
Withstand Hammering and ChiselingKON_CRETE MORTAR bonds are able to withstand the hammering and chiseling required to be done for fixing door, window, frames on walls and conducing after 48 - 72 hours.
Environment FriendlyPortion of KON_CRETE MORTAR is made out of byproducts of industry. This helps in reducing carbon footprint during manufacture at the same time no water required for curing helps in preservation of natural resources.