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CSR optional

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the commitment of the company has made to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and the society at large to improve their quality of life. CSR for our organization means achieving long term growth and profitability while reducing their environmental footprint and meeting the needs of the employees and communities within which we operate.

It need not be considered only as an effective management directive but also necessarily be embedded in the corporate philosophy.The growing impact of accelerated growth, continued environmental de-gradation, growing social anxiety, entails upon corporate to act responsibly on a sustained basis while ensuring fairness, equity, ethics for all its stakeholders.


Our “Healthcare for all” program continues to provide quality health care to the poor and needy villagers by providing them with free medical checkup along with free medicine supplies. There are over 1500 villagers who have been benefited with our eye check up camp. UAL healthcare program has provided them free spectacles; more than 100 Cataract Operations have been carried out successfully at Sankar Netralaya, Kolkata. Free emergency Ambulance service to over 18 villages is maintained, which benefits more than 2000 households, saving lives!

Adopt a Village

“Nicansole”- A village in West Bengal, which is a land of aspirant beings and children who want to live and fulfill their dreams. After adoption of this village in 2007, we are regularly maintaining and repairing its basic infrastructures like school, tube wells, medical centers etc. Free Health-cum-Medical checkup by experienced doctors is conducted each week where free medicines are supplied to all villagers. We also distribute blankets and winter garments to all villagers every year. Nicansole School is another name where many aspiring students are studying to fulfill their dreams. We are regularly providing them free of cost education with required books & stationery. We have also sponsored 2 local teachers for this school. Cash prizes to the meritorious students are rewarded annually in the eve of Viswakarma Puja.

Food for all

Food is one of most essential basic needs of people. So far this year more than 5000 individuals have been provided free lunch. We provide 30 days of ration to 2 orphanages at Dhenkanal, Orissa. We also support Kalptaru Chhatra Vass & Mamta Sishu Gruha orphanages for 15 days of food to orphans.


Our Education for All initiative continuously provides financial support to meritorious students at every level by sponsoring till completion of their higher education. We have set up Saraswati Sishu Mandir at Dhenkanal which will benefit more than 200 students in the nearby villages. We have provided 5.36 MT of roofing sheets to set up a school (Bhurkundi Madhyamik Siksha Kendra) near Midnapur, WB. We are continuously providing financial support for children’s education to more than 10 families.

Enhancing Sportsmanship

To enhance the spirit of sportsmanship we organize and sponsor Cricket and Football tournaments and sports activities for the local villagers nearby the factories in every year. The most popular is the “KONARK CUP” cricket tournament among local boys in Jaunpur near our UP factory.

Protecting Environment

The Company believes that a clean and eco-friendly environment in and around the work place foster health and prosperity in the individual group and the large community they belong. So company regularly spent on plantation of trees to make greener environment. We have also installed rain water harvest facilities in our production units.

“PYAAU” Initiative

Our PYAAU initiative is to providing clean and hygienic water to the villagers in the summer season every year. We have installed, maintained and repaired all the tube wells in the surrounding areas near our all factories for easy access to water.


Being a roofing sheet manufacturer, every year we provide free fibre cement corrugated sheets for sheltering to the various schools, social institutions and individual villagers on regular basis.