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Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets & Accessories

Konark roofing sheets embody optimum quality composition of the best quality portland cement and imported natural mineral fibres. A most stringent quality control system and unique manufacturing process has cemented Konark’s reputation as the most sought after roofing sheet brand in the market.

Konark sheets are strong and durable. They gain strength with age and can withstand the vagaries of weather in India. Konark sheets are also non-combustible, non-corrosive, completely waterproof and resistant to strong wind and also very good sound insulators. In brief, it is by far the best roofing sheet available in India – giving its money’s worth!



Konark sheets are manufactured confirming to the following standards:

  • IS: 459-1992 Specification for un reinforced corrugated and semi-corrugated Asbestos Cement Sheets.
  • Gutters & Gutter Fittings are manufactured as per IS: 1626 (Part-II)-1980 (as per 2nd revision)
  • Roofing Fittings are manufactured as per IS:1626 (Part-III)-1981