Our products come with varied USPs and benefits and assure the customer of not just our brand promise but also trust and reliability.

Cost Saving


  • Hurricanes & Earthquakes- Earthquake forces on structures are proportional to the weight of the building. UAL’s KON_CRETE AAC blocks have excellent resistance to earthquakes & hurricanes. It has been proven to withstand wind load of Category 5 tropical storms.
  • Water Resistant- KON_CRETE’s unique, micro-cellular structure, with millions of tiny air bubbles that do not interconnect, form an effective barrier against moisture penetration, resisting passage of water from the surface.
  • Pest Resistant- UAL AAC blocks are impervious to attacks by insects or rotting and hence termites and ants do not eat or nest in KON_CRETE blocks. It is completely insusceptible to termites.

High Construction Speed

  • KON_CRETE AAC blocks’ buildings and walls go up faster given the usage of larger blocks with thin layer mortar which sets in an hour.
  • KON_CRETE products made to high dimensional accuracy can be installed using glue instead of mortar for faster construction.
  • KON_CRETE blocks and panels are lightweight with high dimensional accuracy and easy workability thus ensuring quick installation at site.

Labour Friendly

  • UAL’s AAC Blocks have high flexibility in cutting / sawing, shaping, nailing and drilling like wood using hand tools and power tools. Its easy handling due to low density and rapid construction reduces construction labour cost and time.

Design Flexibility

  • KON_CRETE is available in a varied range of size and densities which helps in creation of variety of buildings.
  • One KON_CRETE block can cover the same area as up to 12 red clay bricks.
  • Thinner blocks (V instead of 9″ partition wall) leads to an increased carpet area between 3-5%.
  • It offers a wide range of finishing options like tile hanging, timber cladding, brick slip systems or other rendering options (Ceramic tiling, Paint, Dry Lining).

Energy Efficiency

  •  KON_CRETE’s high thermal resistance and thermal mass helps to maintain temperature,  reducing usage of heating and cooling equipment.
  • The blocks give superior thermal insulation because of low thermal conductivity and low air infiltration. Moreover, lesser joints and better compacted (thin) jointing mortar add to the sound and thermal insulation. This also leads to cooler interiors and savings in air conditioning load and consequently enhanced energy efficiency. Since they are made of fine fly ash, the embodied energy is also very less.

Environment Friendly

  • There is no release of harmful substances in the production of KON_CRETE AAC Blocks. Demolished AACs can also be recycled in the construction process.

Fire Resistance

  • Provides the highest security against fire and meets the most stringent fire safety requirements.
  • Falls under grade Euro Class-I for non-combustibility which is the best classification.
  • KON_CRETE is classified as a non-combustible building material and conforms to Class ‘0’ rating for the surface spread of flame.
  • It has best in class fire rating of 4-8 hours. I-hour per inch fire rating is awarded to KON_CRETE.
  • The melting point of KON_CRETE is over 1200 °C, more than twice of building fire of 850°C.
  • Its unsurpassed fire-resistance makes it a life, property and insurance cost saver.

Light weight

  • KON_CRETE blocks and panels weigh one fifth of normal concrete and are 2-3 times lighter than red clay brick. This ensures that the foundations of a building are lightly loaded, yet strong enough to bear several floors.
  • KON_CRETE’s low unit weight allows larger block sizes to be safely used, a practical solution which can yield significant productivity gains on site, with time savings of around 50% compared to other methods. Due to its lightweight nature it can be handled and transported easily which also yields transportation cost benefits.

Sound Insulation

  • UAL’s KON_CRETE blocks provide excellent sound absorption with an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 44.
  • Because of KON_CRETE’s tiny air cell structure, it provides superior sound insulation. It can achieve the standard 40-50 dB across the walls.
  • KON_CRETE blocks and panels have excellent acoustic performance and can be used as an effective sound barrier for conference halls, IT offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and theatres.


  • KON_CRETE foundation blocks are available in a range of strengths to suit most applications: – 3 N/mm2 or 4 N/mm2 for general housing needs, and 7 N/mm2 for higher rise buildings.
  • KON_CRETE blocks are extremely strong and durable despite being lightweight ensuring that the foundations of a building are lightly loaded, yet it is strong enough to bear several floors.
  • KON_CRETE’s solidity comes from the calcium silicate that encloses its millions of air pores and from the curing process in a pressurized steam chamber (autoclave).
  • It retains its strength for the entire life of a building

Thermal Insulation

  • Since it is a natural insulator, UAL ‘s KON_CRETE AAC blocks cellular structure gives it a thermal efficiency ten times higher than that of aggregate concrete and five times better than clay brick.
  • Buildings made of UAL KON_CRETE AAC blocks are warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • KON_KRETE saves about 25% cost of installation and recurring costs of electricity.
  • With a suspended beam and KON_CRETE block floor, the ground floor heat loss is reduced by up to 25% compared to other forms of construction.
  • Its inherent thermal insulation properties not only reduces the need for heating and cooling, thereby cutting carbon dioxide emissions and combating climate change, but also reduces the use of additional insulation materials.