Savings In Steel15-20% due to lower dead weight/loadNo saving
Savings In Cement10%-15%No saving
Savings in Mortar70%-80% reduction in use of Mortar. Less joints results in lesser quantity of mortar for buildingNo saving
Savings in Plaster60%-70% reduction in the cost of plastering. AAC blocks have uniform shape and texture which gives even surface to the wallsNo saving
Savings in Labour10%-15% saving in Labour costMore labour required
Saving in Operational cost25% saving in operation costNo saving
Saving in
Construction time
Installation time 3 to 3.5 times faster than conventional bricks, speedy construction due to big sizeSlow constructions due to small size
Energy savingApprox 30%, Air-condition load, both heating and cooling will come downNo saving
Carpet Area SavingMore carpet area is available in same built-up area due to less thickness of walling: 2% - 3%Less carpet area available due to more thickness of walling