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UAL’s AC Sheet – the Best Roofing Solution

Planning for a full-fledged renovation of your house? Worried about the roofing material that can withstand extreme weather conditions? Worry no more! With UAL’s asbestos cementing sheets you can get everything covered. The cement roofing sheets of UAL makes your property looks beautiful, while ensuring paramount safety to your property. Top-notch corrugated fibre cement sheet from UAL Industrsie under the brand name of KONARK is corrosion & erosion free and hence you get a damage-free solution for your roofing requirements.

What are AC Sheets?

AC sheets are basically asbestos cementing sheets which are weatherproof and corrosion resistant, which demands no maintenance yet run for years. Unlike metal sheets, AC sheets corrode and deteriorate with time and exposure to various weather conditions. No wonder, why AC Sheets are so preferred as a roofing material these days.

Here’s why UAL’s AC sheets are the best roofing solution!

AC Sheets Are Lightweight
Fibre cement cladding is lightweight, which makes it an ideal choice as a roofing material. Being lightweight, it helps in quicker, easier and more cost-effective transport to the site. Also, they offer fast and hassle-free installation with minimal load imposed on the structure. It eliminates the risk of accidents as well. As a result, fibre sheets are the strong and durable roofing material for warehouses, factories, housing, and practically any structure where roofing is required.

Ac Sheets Are Impact Resistant & Durable
The high rugged surface of the fibre cement sheet makes it a highly durable, impact- and abrasion-resistant material that lasts for decades. With high impact features, the fibre cement cladding is certainly an ideal choice for heavy-use public environments, like schools, hospitals and so on.

AC Sheets Ensures Quick and Tidy Installation
The composition of fibre cement cladding makes roofing installation quick and easy, and at the same time, it can be tailored accordingly to fit with the specification. Moreover, they come with less mess, fuss and environmental wastage during the installation process. These are made in accordance with the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards- IS 459/1992 for Corrugated Roofing Sheets, IS2098/ 1997 for Flat Sheets and IS 1626 (Part 111)/1994 for Roofing Accessories.

Fibre Cement is Water- and fire-resistant
Being resistant to fire and water, UAL’s AC sheets provide additional protective value against fire and water. Apart from protecting the property from weather conditions, it also saves it from fire and similar other natural disaster.

Fibre Cement is Non-toxic
UAL’s AC sheets, often called fibre cement are asbestos free and are 100% non-toxic, which results in the zero production of hazardous smoke to post any serious health threat.

 It needs Minimal maintenance
Finally, the important of all is that Fibre sheets need minimal maintenance as they come with exceptional durability. Neither weather extremities not the calamities like fire can pose a threat to fibre cement roofing. Thus, it saves quite a lot of time and expense on the structure’s maintenance over its lifespan.

Today, UAL’s AC sheets have worldwide presence in countries like India, Russia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil. This practically ageless and maintenance free roofing sheet certainly makes construction process a real breeze.