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Usage Instruction

Mixing method:

Add 25-30% water by weight of mortar into a bucket / container at which is equivalent to 10-15 liters of clean water for every 40 Kg bag of KON CRETE mortar). Gradually empty the required amount of dry mortar, mixing at the same time until workable mixture with a smooth consistency is attained. At site, further addition of water shall be adjusted to obtain desired consistency. Material can be mixed by 2 trowels facing backwards to each other. Use of mechanical mixer/ electrical stirrer is recommended for better results. Ensure that the mix is homogenous and no lumps are left.

Surface preparation:

The surface area where KON_CRETE mortar is to be applied should be thoroughly clean and free from dust, grease, oil etc. The masonry blocks should be pre wetted by sprinkling water before applying the mortar. Alignment on the concrete slab should be done by using conventional cement mortar to get the desired line/level.


  • After the first course of block laying at bottom layer, apply a thin uniform layer of KON_CRETE mortar approx.3-4 mm thickness on the block using proper trowel.
  • Place the subsequent line of block on the evenly laid jointing mortar bed by gently pressing it downwards, displacing the adhesive in all four direction to ensure proper line level and uniform surface exposure to the adhesive.
  • Each block should be set in position by gently pressing with a small mallet hammer. Mortar should be applied on each contact side of the block before placing it on the leveled surface. Line/level should be checked continuously at all times.
  • For the vertical joints, it is recommended to apply the mortar onto the vertical side prior of laying.
  • When applying against a column, KON_CRETE mortar should be applied on both the surfaces. Any excess material should be cleaned immediately by using a trowel facing upwards to avoid wastage.