Increase in Carpet Area – With the use of KON_CRETE AAC Blocks, the wall width can be optimized to create 2-8 % additional valuable floor space. More so, with reduction in dead load on structure due to light weight, the sizes of structural elements can be optimized to minimize wall thickness and create additional floor space.

Saving in Steel– Steel is one of the major components of construction activity. So the amount of steel used depends on the load to be taken by the building, the dead weight of the structure and the super structure is also taken into consideration in the calculation of the steel requirement. The amount of steel used in construction by taking red bricks into consideration is approximately 2.5 to 2.75 Kg/Sqft of built up area. The steel usage comes down to 2.25 Kg/sqft by using AAC blocks. That is a saving of almost 25% in construction steel resulting in cost saving of almost Rs.12 to 15 of saving in construction cost.

Saving in Mortar – Bricks or blocks used in walls and walls are mostly plastered with cement / sand mortar, thus the dimensions of the bricks/blocks play a very crucial role in determining the quantum of plastering material used. Our KON_CRETE AAC Blocks are 5-6 times bigger than Red Clay Bricks, thus resulting in saving of plastering.

Saving in Foundation Cost– Due to AAC blocks’ light weight characteristics, it saves the foundation cost and helps the mason.

Rapid construction – One solid AAC Block of 60 x 20 cm (24 x 8”) is equivalent in area to approx. 6 standard bricks of 7.1 x 24 cm (2.84 x 9.6”) yet less than 1/5th of the weight, leading to fast laying. Using thin-set mortar of 2 mm (1/16”) joints saves time in handling and mixing of conventional mortar.

Easy piping and cabling – Installation of plumbing pipes in kitchens, bathrooms for water and sewage can easily and manually be cut into the AAC wall, faster than any other block work. Wires will be installed in grooves easily, cut with a manual chasing tool. Services, such as pipes and cables can be installed after the walls are ready.

Low shrinkage – The product being steam cured are stabilized in dimensions and are resistant to thermal shrinkage, therefore chances of post construction cracks are negligible.

Design Flexibility – UAL’s KON_CRETE AAC Blocks are available in various sizes, and can cover the same area as up to 12 Red Clay bricks by using thinner blocks (6” instead of 9” partition wall) leading to an increased carpet area between 3-5%.